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Net Zero Waste Eastgate Class A Compost is a sustainable, recycled, nutrient-rich soil amendment, that is used to improve the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil. 

Our Class A Compost is used in a wide array of uses in agricultural, horticultural, viticulture, forestry, urban landscape and greenhouse applications. 

Vegetables BOOSTED with Class A Compost:

Net Zero Waste Eastgate receives Organic Waste from communities all around BC, redirecting thousands of tonnes of landfill-bound waste every year.  


Examples of organic waste that can be used for Class A Compost:

Residential Green Bin programs - Food Waste

Commercial Food Waste

Yard Waste

Waste Paper and Cardboard


The organic waste is combined with water and wood chips, then built in rows under the GORE Cover System. 


Gore Cover System Features:

  • Repels water

  • GORE-TEX® membrane Industrial grade tarp

  • Contains odors& humidity

  • Allows CO2 pass through

  • Retains heat

  • Optimizes biological activity


Once the individual piles have met certain requirements, in relation to temperature and time spent in process, the compost is passed through a screen to remove any organic matter that has not broken down. 

After screening, we are left with Class A Compost. 

The Compost is tested regularly, to make sure its chemical and physical composition complies with the standards required to prove 'Class A'. 

Our compost is then trucked all across BC, to be used in places like Community Gardens, farmer's fields, and backyard vegetable gardens. 

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