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Net Zero Waste Eastgate is committed to using composting technology for cleaner, greener communities. 

Compost Blends

All three of our Class A Compost Blends are mature, stable and tested thoroughly to ensure they meet the standards to be considered Class A Compost. 

If you need assistance with picking the right blend for your application, we would love to help!

We have knowledgeable staff available to advise you. 

Premium Blend-

1/4" Double Screened

Class A Compost

Regular Blend-

1/2" Pre-Screened

Class A Compost

*Most Popular*

Commercial Grade- 


Class A Compost

An extra fine, extra rich soil amendment for your special projects. 

Our Regular Blend Compost is perfect for all your soil amendment applications. 

A Course compost, suitable for applications as a black mulch, packed full of the same nutrients, with less fine material.




Metric Tonne

Ask about Promotions
and Special Pricing
for bulk orders +70 yards.

*Prices are before delivery*

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